Project Cronos

Strengthening the innovation ecosystem of Cluj IT through smart specialization towards structural transformation and intellectual property based internationalization of the IT sector in Romania


Through this project, Cluj IT aims to strengthen the process of strategic alignment and innovation among cluster members in order to accelerate the development of innovative technologies and products through short-, medium- and long-term cooperation formulas, with international scaling prospects, based on research results stemming from cluster-specific structures and cluster research centers. The project will rely on the activity of cluster workgroups for smart specialization on various verticals of the IT sector (i.e. artificial intelligence, expert systems and blockchain for cyber security), but also horizontal, trans-sectoral (i.e. ITC in precision medicine, smart cities etc.). Through the 12 major industrial research and innovation activities organized in a three-step logical framework, the project will lead to the creation of strategic partnerships between the economic and research environment of the cluster, the identification of new products with high potential for internationalization, testing prototypes, while also creating a RDI strategy and a implementation plan for the cluster and increasing competencies in the field of business internationalization based on innovative products, strengthening cross-sector and inter-cluster cooperation, and developing institutionalized structures through which the cluster’s impact in the digitization of the economy will be enhanced. The aim of the project is to strengthen the process of strategic alignment and innovation among cluster members in order to accelerate the development of innovative technologies and products in the ITC sector with internationally scalable potential with the aid of cooperation on short, medium and long term, based on research results achieved by specific structures of universities and research centers which are members of Cluj IT Cluster.


Stage 1 (2018) of project implementation was mainly focused on developing the RD&I strategic agenda, based on results obtained from the following implemented activities, as follows:

  • Multiple actions on technological prospecting and analysis on development potential including:
    • Individual meetings with centers for technological transfer from 5 universities, members of Cluj IT
    • Meeting dedicated to prospecting the technological and innovation potential with participation of 4 research centers and 4 private companies, members of Cluj IT.
  • A seminar on Business Development and Internationalization was organized on the same date.
  • A prospecting of the technological base from universities and Cluj IT member companies was implemented. Positive expressions of interest resulted from both private and academic dimensions.
  • On June 28-29, 2018, an international brokerage and inter-cluster event was organized in Cluj-Napoca under the 3BS ICT Network Meeting (international network of the ITC industry at Balkan, Black Sea and Baltic regions where Cluj IT Cluster is a founding member).
  • The first University to Business (U2B) brokerage event was organized on September 27th
  • On November 9, the Digital Talks series of events was initiated with the title: IT & Medicine, as a matchmaking session between IT Cluj companies and research groups from UMF Cluj-Napoca
  • On Nov. 14, the second event Digital Talks: IT & Automotive was organized in Sibiu, in partnership with Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu.


B2U matchmaking: Projects with high potential for technological transfer, September 27th 2018

The first event organized under the CRONOS project was organized on the basis of internal exploration of projects with increased potential for technological transfer and innovation developed by research units active within 5 local Universities, members of Cluj IT Cluster. The B2U matchmaking was an internal session dedicated to exploring the potential collaboration among Cluj IT members based on the list of mapped projects. As a result, members from the private and research sectors of the cluster ecosystem set up bilateral meetings in order to discuss specific requirements of research projects in different stages of development.




Digital Talks: IT & Health, November 9th 2018

The Digital Talks series of events is developed around the facilitation of cross-industry connections and collaborations. A first such event was dedicated to facilitating innovation connections in the research directions of the national health strategy, focusing on collaboration between the IT industry and medicine. Along with the research department of “Iuliu Hatieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Cluj-Napoca, 18 representatives from the private sector, medical research, student entrepreneurial initiative and medical startups participated in a common meeting dedicated to identifying connection nodes on medical research projects where IT companies can provide technical solutions for further development.




Digital Talks: IT & Automotive, November 14th 2018

The second Digital Talks event was organized in collaboration with Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, having a strong focus on facilitating cross-industrial business connections among representatives of the IT and automotive sectors. The main topics addressed revolved around industry orientation 4.0, supporting digitization in the automotive industry, new business models and developed prototypes.





Project financed by UEFISCDI – Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding

Contract no. 9CLS din 04/06/2018 (PN-III-P2-2.1-CLS-2017-0041)

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