Cluj Innovaton City


Project Description

Cluj Innovation City is a planned high technology business area to be built in and around Cluj, the largest city and intellectual capital of the North-Western part of Romania. The site aims to be a highly modern complex created to encourage companies that are part of the recently established Cluj IT Innovation Cluster and also other science and technology companies from Romania and abroad to establish their base of operations and research here.

Thus, Cluj Innovation City is tasked with concentrating intellectual capital from the entire country and also from abroad and encouraging the development of various technologies with a focus on innovation and value-added products. As individuals, small and medium firms, and large corporations become “residents” of the city, the area will go through a development process based on the Cluj Innovation City Master Plan. Long-term, the Cluj Innovation City will look to meet wider European trends relating to work-force quality of life, and the provision of educational services and cultural and social concepts that will make the Cluj Innovation City not only a driver for research and new technology, but also a driver for modern and advanced lifestyles, using technology to enhance these lifestyles and attract talent from all over the country and from abroad.

Strategy Objectives

The Cluj Innovation City Development Strategy is looking to meet a few simple objectives:

    • 1. Identifying a vision and mission statement
    • 2. Outlining its strategic and management structures
    • 3. Looking at the main development stages

This is however, a preliminary version, meant to bring all of the stakeholders on the same page, help them decide on the big issues, and then start work on the next stages.

Vision for 2013-2020

The strategic goal of the Cluj Innovation City is to concentrate national and international intellectual capital, thereby stimulating the development of break-through projects and technologies. In the course of implementation of the project, new companies that are engaged in innovative development will be discovered, some of these to become project participants with the Cluj Innovation City, and they will be provided with all assistance necessary for development, using the facilities and infrastructure here.

The Cluj IT Innovation Foundation and its partners will transform the infrastructure and resources so that the Cluj Innovation City is not just a business area, but a city of science whose inhabitants also have access to a broad array of educational and cultural options, making it a driver for new, modern lifestyles. This will help provide the maximum degree of integration into the international innovation ecosystem.

Mission Statement

Cluj Innovation City is to become the biggest innovation hub in Eastern Europe, a focal point for both mature and new companies that are looking to develop new, value-added technologies in a variety of fields. Cluj Innovation City will be more than just a business concentration: it will become the new standard not just for the development of new business, but also for the development of new institutional, cultural, and educational concepts, all of them centered on technology.