April 9, 2020

During this challenging time, Cluj IT Cluster is happy to join the SME-led “Digital Solutions in times of COVID-19″ Campaign launched by European DIGITAL SME Alliance.

The ICT sector is playing a major role for Europe’s economic continuity and recovery. Innovative SMEs offer smart digital solutions to facilitate businesses, citizens and public administrations to continue their activities: virtual conferences, smart working, e-learning, AI-modelling of disease spread, and other technology solutions help people through this challenging time.

The “Digital Solutions in times of COVID-19″ campaign collects and showcases digital solutions by innovative SMEs at digitalsme.eu/solutions. The goal is to enable businesses, citizens and public administrations to keep working on one hand, and to showcase the strength and innovative potential of our European digital SMEs on the other. More than 100 companies have signed up already and many decided to offer solutions for free during this challenging period.

“We envision a Europe where solidarity is the norm and not the exception. It is on occasions such as the current crisis when good intentions can become part of our reality. We are happy to contribute together with colleagues from across Europe towards a bottom up initiative that reunites SMEs in an effort to generate alleviation, added value and innovative services and solutions where they are most presingly needed. I sincerely hope we will see many Romanian companies enlisted and ready to contribute. I take the occasion to thank our colleagues at Digital SMEs Alliance for their excellent leadership, it is something we all need, on all levels and in all places.” said Andrei Kelemen, CEO of Cluj IT Cluster.

We encourage digital enterprises to join the campaign and submit their solutions to be displayed in the catalogue! End users can use this catalogue to look for solutions that help their situation.

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