In partnership with the Romanian National Directorate of Cybersecurity, we are looking for an experienced full-stack developer who has experience in the design, implementation, integration, testing, and validation of a cybersecurity application for use in small businesses.

The person we are looking for must bring expertise in the following areas:
• interface and experience design of a cybersecurity tool ensuring usability for ICT laypeople as most of our end-users do not have any ICT background;
• cross-platform development on Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS, ensuring portability of the application on the diverse types of devices used by our end users;
• implementation and testing of Interoperability for the integration of third-party applications using operating system-specific data exchange and application/thread activation mechanisms on Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS, and
• implementation and testing of decentralised cybersecurity data management, ensuring the confidentiality of small businesses and the privacy of their employees with secure peer-to-peer data replication under full end-user control within the
premises of the small business.

Expertise in these four areas is critical for the viability of the cybersecurity solution GEIGER. In particular, the decentralized management of cybersecurity data is success critical as the alternative approach of using a centralized cloud would require an extent of trust in the cloud provider, which for critical cybersecurity data cannot be provided.

The required expertise is necessary to continue developing the technology created in the Horizon 2020 innovation project called GEIGER, which was just concluded in November 2022 (European Commission Grant Agreement No. 883588).

The decentralized management of cybersecurity data is the crucial competency element for the candidate to this job. Without this core competency the job cannot be attributed.

Applicants are invited to send their applications to diana.campian[at]