Change Management

Change Management – Round Table Discussions

Organisational transformation is meant to place a company, even a stable and solid one, on the right market position,  keeping in mind the perspective of assuring organisational sustainability.

Business development cannot happen without change – the kind of change that is inspiring, conscious and owned by the company decision makers.

The working group has monthly meetings where specific elements are being brought to the table and addressed in a practical manner.

Should you be interested in learning how to stay on top of change, please contact us, and receive an invitation to one of the future working group meetings.

Work-based Learning Programs for SMEs

As a partner in the Future Skills project, Cluj IT Cluster is involved in the implementation of personalized pilot work-based learning programs within Small-Medium Enterprises that operate in the North-West Region of Romania. Aligned with the priorities of the Europe 2020 Strategy, the project activities aim at stimulating a new type of economic development, by supporting competitive enterprises, “smart”, “sustainable” and favorable to the principles of equal opportunities, innovation, social and environmental protection.
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Workshop: Azure Application Development Using .Net, 22-23rd of April 2021, online

An 8 hours intensive, interactive and applied workshop, that will guide the participants in experimenting and deepening their knowledge of the Azure functionalities, in order to get a boost in cloud apps development.
Radu Vunvulea is one of the 4  Microsoft Regional Directors of  Romania and Azure Most Valuable Professional in the last 8 years.

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Workshop: Functional Programming with Java, 11-12th of March 2021, online

The workshop was dedicated to the subtleties of functional programming, aiming to deliver innovative techniques for designing a simpler, cleaner and more productive code.

Trainer: Victor Rentea – an Independent Trainer and Romanian JAVA champion, founder of Bucharest Sotfware Craftmanship Community – where developpers from all over Romania share their passion for simple design, clean code and automated testing.

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Workshop: Java, 26-27th of November 2020, online

This workshop took the Java coding skills of the participants to the next level, focusing on  the key design principles and rules of different   encoding styles. We reviewed and discussed best practices  for professional Java coding for large applications, with the aim of writing both maintainable and easy to understand code. The ideas are founded on the basic principles of Clean Code, to which recent good practices are added, especially those created after version 8 of the Java language (i.e. using Streams and Lambdas).

Trainer: Victor Rentea, founder of Bucharest Sotfware Craftmanship Community – where developpers from all over Romania share their passion for simple design, clean code and automated testing.

Please visit for more details.

Remote Working: from Flexibility to Formalism, 12th of November 2020, online

Together with AltLaw, we invited HR representatives of Cluj IT member companies, to an open discussion about the benefits and challenges of remote working, the legal regulations that govern it and the best practices for applying for support measures in the current pandemic context. Importand Dos&Don’ts of the formal and legal implications of teleworking were discussed and clarified for the participants, who brought their contribution to a valuable content of the workshop through their applied questions.

Workshop: Robotic Process Automation, 17-18th of September 2020, online

Robotic Process Automation is the technology that allows anyone today to configure computer software, or a “robot” to emulate and integrate the actions of a human interacting within digital systems to execute a business process. 26 participants from companies active in various sectors learned and practiced on RPA robots applications, guided by Daniel Tila, in a workshop organized by Cluj iT Cluster as part of the Future Skills project (

Workshop: Python Applied in Machine Learning, 18-19th of june 2020, online

Due to its adaptability, Python has become one of the most well-known and used programming languages.

Related to the current context, the theme of the workshop, organized within the FutureSkills project, was Python applied in Machine. The seminar was divided into modules, combining theoretical and practical applications. At the end of the two days, the 26 participants managed to add value to their professional experience by understanding the central concepts in Machine Learning, as well as the foundation of the practical approach using Python libraries dedicated to Machine Learning.

Workshop: State Model Based Testing, 19-20th of May 2020, online

Another workshop conducted within the FutureSkills project focused on deepening and developing skills in the field of State Model Based Testing. For two half-days,  26 participants were guided in an experimental journey, managing to understand the key points of SMBT.

SMBT is a testing technique that allows the random generation of test scenarios based on a finite state model.

Workshop: Agile Elevation, 6-7th of April 2020, online

The first half of April began with thefirst workshop within the FutureSkills project. During the two half-days, 25 participants, from 12 diferent companies, deepened their knowledge in the field of Agile Elevation.

The key to a successful Agile transformation is a strong foundation, common interpretation and vocabulary. Starting from the basics, during this Workshop participants got a fair understanding of Agile and built a foundation of the Scrum methodology – both on a theoretical and practical level.


Alexandru Tulai

Alexandru Tulai

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