Cluj Innovation Days

Cluj Innovation Days is an occasion we like to dedicate to innovation, to cross-industry and cross-sectoral cooperation, to discussing new business models and establishing innovative partnerships. Cluj Innovation Days is not another technology event, but rather a celebration of people and organizations that embrace innovation and use new models, new technologies and tools to further their businesses, objectives and projects.

Over the course of the conference people and organizations from various walks of life, from public sector to business, academia, entrepreneurial and startup environments, from Romania and abroad, will be gathering in Cluj-Napoca to discuss innovation and cutting edge industry trends.

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Cluj Innovation Days 2022. The Power of 1|0

Be present for the future!


Over the years

Cluj Innovation Days has established a name for itself as a leading industry driven event, positioning Cluj, and Romania, as an inspiring hub of innovation and as a smart community.

From year to year

CID has continued to grow as a platform to communicate knowledge and to share experiences brought forward by some of the most prestigious speakers and institutions in the world, from almost all continents of our planet.

CID turned 10 years in 2022!

This edition marks 10 years of innovation, 10 years since Cluj IT Cluster was founded and, more importantly, 10 years of hard work and fantastic results for the Romanian business IT and innovation ecosystem which has led to the rebranding of our beloved city.

Our ambition

We have twofold ambition for this edition. First, to design a space where innovation continues to be the overarching background for experiencing 10 days full of events that address topics such as: arts & culture through tech, future communities, software robotics, women in business, start-ups and many more.

New opportunities

Our second objective is to pave the way for a more sustainable future for our industry and for the community we are part of, by creating the framework for developing new opportunities in these directions.

Cluj Innovation Days 2020

In the fall of 2019 we started preparations for Cluj Innovation Days 2020. As with the previous editions, first step was to decide upon the main topics we would like to address next year in our annual conference. We started with a short rationale and discussion in our Board of Directors (11 people from the industry and academia) to conclude by October 2019 that we should build our event on two main topics that we considered crucial for our communities: Future of Work and Resilience. Next decision was to set the dates: 21-23 May 2020. Then we started preparations: engaging with potential speakers, identifying partners, signing agreements and precontracts with suppliers of various services – the whole package for an event which usually brings together 300 participants over the two or three days of the conference. By mid March 2020 we knew that our initial plans and efforts were not in line with the new reality. The outbreak of COVID-19 determined us to first, postpone the event, and second, to move it entirely online. In the same time, made us realize that what we proposed as main topics before the pandemic is even more relevant in the new context.

So here we are, two months before the event, advancing with the preparations for a first experience of the kind. We have good people and communities helping us out and we are confident we will be able to offer a remarkable experience to all those participating, attendees, speakers and partners alike. In particular, we invite representative of companies, from all sectors of the economy, to join us and explore together, in lively debates guided by experts in their fields, the options we have, both as individuals or organizations, to stay relevant, become more productive while also enjoying a better life.

Join us on October 12th through October 14th for the 8th edition of Cluj Innovation Days, an event by Cluj IT Cluster, graciously co-organized together with Universitatea Babes-Bolyai and Activize. Let’s look together at what the future holds for us and try to shape our destiny beyond this crisis! Come and make your voice heard in shaping the future of work! Come and learn about future skills, new working environments and new opportunities! 

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